Nikola Galvan

Python and Web Developer

Roigheim, Germany


In 2013 I finished my PhD in Physics at the Paul Scherrer Institute and ETH Zurich, Switzerland. After working as a development engineer for a year in the automobile industry (at MAN, Augsburg, Germany) and at a research and development center (COMIMSA, Saltillo, Mexico) I founded LabPeers - an online business for Web Analytics and Data Analysis for which I created the website Half a year ago I developed the Django web application (front- and back-end) on Heroku for rapid data plotting ( which uses Bokeh, PostgreSQL, AWS S3 and JavaScript.


English, German, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

Django, Bokeh, BeautifulSoup, Pandas


During the 4 years of my PhD I used MATLAB to analyse data.

Half a year ago I created the Django Python web application on Heroku (front- and back-end) for rapid data plotting which saves the data to a PostgreSQL database and which runs on Heroku. I implemented both scatter and bubble charts using Bokeh and a user profile page. The app allows for in-app plot saving with AWS S3 and users can go back to old projects, change and save them. To implement excel-like data input tables I used JavaScript.

Currently I am adding more features to the LabPeers web application and I am also working on a web scraping project that uses BeautifulSoup and Pandas.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Backend Development, Django, Fullstack Development, Heroku, JavaScript, NumPy, PostgreSQL, Web Development, Web Scraping

Joined: March 2020